Nissan to Intensify Its Indian Market Strategy: Will Launch 8 Sedans By 2020

The Indian market for both automobile and smartphone has proven to be the more productive platform and a number of foreign companies are taking their net attempt to intensify their root in the Indian marketplace. Being the largest auto market in the world, India has accommodated a number of enterprises and their cars, facilitating them with higher benefits and boons. Nissan, the Japanese Conglomerate is reported to launch eight new sedans by the end of 2020 in India.

As said by a senior executive of Nissan Motor Co Ltd, the company is planning to introduce an advance line-up of cars in India in next four years, enriched with cutting-edge technology, front-line specs, and sophisticated designs. On Thursday, a senior spokesperson of Nissan reported to the media that, Nissan is expanding its market policy and under the new product scheme, the company is gearing up to boost up its sales and market share in India. India with its top rank in global automobile arena has overwhelmed the entire global marketplace of the automobile, and Nissan is no different.

As said by the executive, this new product launch strategy will drive both the sale and reputation of the company, alongside boosting the market share up. Under this new scheme, Nissan is gearing up to introduce eight new cars, which includes a range of cars, starting from Nissan’s international assortment of the all new Datsun-brand cars which was manufactured in India. The new strategy of Nissan is a clear indication of the changing approach of the company where it is trying to perk up the global ranges of cars in India. The Japanese company has primarily sold cars jointly with its international union partner, Renault SA.

The announcement of the spokesperson of Nissan is further certified by the Chairperson of Nissan Africa and the Middle East and India, Christian Mardrus. He, during a press conference said, addressed to the reporters, ‘Nissan may not have done something exceptional in the past, but the new strategy is ultimately intended to make its recognised in all through the globe, including India. The new scheme of the company is now more ordinary, enriched with powerful modules, advanced technology, and proper planning. He also declared that the company wouldn’t repeat the mistake of cross-badging this time, as it did in the past.

Taking the statement further, he also announced that, Nissan has been chipping away on transforming its previous stratagem implemented at the time of launching Nissan’s and Renault’s most recent models. The company in future will give more focus on enhancing the existing market policies of the organization and will deliver a more collective and collaborative platform to Indian consumers.  While the Datsun small car Redi-Go and Renault’s mini-SUV Kwid had significant common parts, helping go on with low expenses. Similarly, the future models will be based on the same strategy, while bringing some powerful improvisations in design and outline format.

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