Nintendo’s Hybrid Video Game Console ‘Switch’ Marks Its First Hands-On Debut

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s much-anticipated hybrid video game console “Switch”, around 2 months prior to its commercial debut, marked its first hands-on launch on Friday, 13th January 2017. The Chinese Gaming Multinational “Nintendo”, throughout a global rollout on Friday, gave gamers and marketers a chance to run through the details about its passionately predictable video game console ‘Nintendo Switch’ – a crossbreed video game variant that is designed to be served as a hand-held gaming gadget. For the US market, the console is tagged with a price range of $US300 ($A399), which is a bit more than the previous expectations.

Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console is scheduled to hit the market on 3rd March 2017. While there are less than two months remains to the big launch day, the makers of Pokémon Go gave the gamers a golden opportunity to go hands-on with the multifaceted gaming console. The partial preview of the game also published with a cluster of high-end games, like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” To recall, Switch is the seventh major console of Nintendo, which was first introduced in October 2016.

The biggest highlight of Switch is that it is a “hybrid” device, which will enable users to enjoy versatile gaming modes in one system. Simply putting, Switch is “Two-In-One System.” Its main unit of the device is TV mode; formed like a computer tablet which can be employed as portable warts and all, and can also be connected to a TV display through a removable docking station. Secondly, it also has a handheld mode, which allows users to use it as a tabletop form by using its kickstand. Means, users will be able to pop the 6.2-inch tablet of Switch out of its port and draw on the console.

In addition, Switch is also integrated with most of the technology and innovations, which Nintendo has ever turned up with. It is stuffed with the high-end Wii U, Game Boy, Wii DS, NES, and SNES, and everything that ever highlighted in the portfolio of Nintendo. With all these integrated into one system, Switch also has something extra and exciting for the users. The all-around gadget is incorporated with the ultra-modern features like screen switching, HD rumble, party modes for up to 8 people, touch control, classic controllers, motion controls, infrared distance tracking, split wireless controls, wireless multiplayer, portable play, and much more.

At the specification front, Switch is stuffed with a 6.2-inch, Kindle-sized tablet shape, with the display resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixel – a perfect gadget to play gamed on a small LCD Screen. On the memory part, it has a not-so-big 32GB of onboard storage, which seems too low in comparison to the current age of 500GB and 1TB Xbox Ones and PS4s. However, it, fortunately, has an additional MicroSD card slot for long-drawn-out storage. Under the hood, the device runs on a Nvidia Tegra processor that is expected to be powered by a Wii U and PS4. It is also has a battery that is claimed to last 2.5 hours to 6.5 hours. However, it firmly depends on the graphical commands of the games running on the device.

Last but on the least, one also can connect Switch to the internet through the 802.11ac Wi-Fi connection, which facilitates users to attach to up to eight players simultaneously. It also has a USB LAN adaptor with the port, which makes it more flexible for connecting with local devices.

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