Nintendo aims to retrieve lost opportunities with Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Nearly two decades ago, Nintendo, the Japanese Gaming Company has launched a video game that precursor to today’s digital gaming world. However, with certain passing time, the company lost its lead. But now, with its latest version released in three major countries of the world, the Japanese Giant seems to recover all its lost opportunities again. With several upgrades, Pokémon GO has stunned the digital gaming arena by taking the whole sector into influence. Though, it not accessible most of the countries till now, yet, Pokémon GO has turned into a wonder in just a few weeks, which has brought its maker company Nintendo again to the limelight.

The initiation began two decades ago

While the current version of Pokemon Go has truly made people insane for gaming, transforming them into real creature-seekers, a few years later it found to have no survival. In 1998, Nintendo initially developed and launched the original version of this game which has created a revelation strike in America. Subsequent to this time, the game lost its existence.

Today, it is 18 years ago story!

The present rebellion of Pokemon Go all over the world is actually expressing how the corporate market of a game can represent the moment of truth for a company. Nintendo has spent several years without gifting any hit game to the gaming world and was severely searching for find partners to co-operate it in corporate sectors. But now the scenario of the company has transformed with the boosting craziness of people for current Pokemon Go version.

According to the official source of Nintendo, more than 200 million copies of the game since its jump start have already sold out, creating a mounting sensation all over the world. It already has produced a cartoon show on television coupled with a beneficial parade of Pokémon exchanging cards, which has taken the company rule over the gaming world.

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