The next Android sweet is ‘Nougat’, but it could taste sour

Android Nougat update

The tech giant Google reveals a new version of Android every year and as it has been following tradition since 2009, each version is named after a sweet. Similarly, Google has announced the new version of Android called Nougat this year.

Well, as sweet as the name appears, it is also breaking the heart of millions of Android users who were yelling for Neyyappam or Nan Khatai. But that is not only sad things which are to be faced by users. Nougat is an update that most people won’t even receive it. Because the world of Android is very complex with many of smartphones in a real world and tens of companies in a noisy fight. Mostly, it is not feasible and possible for many firms to push out large Android updates.

The whole system runs in a clean and effortful way. Google develops the core Android software, which it checks on the Nexus phones. Once the testing is completed, it will be pushed out to the market who have owned Nexus phones. The process will be completed in a systematic way this year.

The new Android Nougat will come to the Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P earlier in the upcoming months. It will also get to the new Moto Phones such as Moto G4 Plus as Lenovo-owned Motorola which manufacturers smartphones, works on the almost same software that Google unveils for Nexus Phones. However, there is no guarantee for other phones and if they will get this update, then they receive it surely with some delay.

The phone manufacturing firms don’t want to use the same Android that Google develops. They make changes in it, integrate some new stuff to it, and also remove some things. These companies stick to their strategies by having full control on their phones, rather than allowing Google.

Every year when Google reveals a new version of Android, the many firms have to own and make changes on it. In some cases, the change is required as the hardware in every phone differs from the software requirements. But a lot of them do it as they want to “tweak” Android.

By “tweaking” to every phone that seemed to be supported is so tough that even giants like Samsung can’t provide the same. So, only the Samsung phones which will receive the Nougat are expected to get updated with some delay.

However, other firms are even worse, most of the India and China-based companies including Micromax and Xiaomi don’t even take any trouble with making big updates for the existing phones. They just release it with the new phones with new software.

As concluded, the sweet Nougat Android won’t sugary for the existing phones.

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