Pope says spanking without humiliation is alright tecake

Everyone has an opinion, and so does Pope Francis who has recently given a statement saying that spanking children are alright, as long as it is not humiliating them. Various countries have abolished this act and put laws against it under National Child Protection Act.

Spanking has been described as an act to instill fear in the minds of children that they shouldn’t do wrong, or they will be hit. Pope Francis told about a man’s confession that he used to spank his children but never on the face so as to not demean him. Pope said that it was beautiful.

But if we ask ourselves, was it? Spanking may be a healthy if practiced in a safer volume to set examples for children that bad deeds are served in pain but if this act is taken on by parents who are doing for the habit of it, it might scare the child for life.

Many people are taking Pope’s statement as an offense. Peter Newell, a coordinator of the Global Initiative to End Corporal Punishment of Children, said, “It is disappointing that anyone with that sort of influence would make such a comment.”

The Rev Thomas Rosica, who works with the Vatican press office, defended the Pope saying that his comment wasn’t meant to encourage child abuse or cruelty but a path to grow and mature, and his statement may have been interpreted wrong.

Pope has his opinion on the fact that spanking is OK but to legalize it might not be such a good idea, for offenders may get a free passage to commit sins that may end in hurting a child’s conscience level. The child may perceive it to be a right habit and end of doing this to their children, and the chain may never be ending.

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