Copenhagen Attack Tecake

After the recent attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen where a Jewish guard was shot dead in the eyes, Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu has asked Jews around Europe to migrate back to Israel.

France on the attacks have said that these attacks and defacing of the Jewish cemeteries doesn’t mean that France doesn’t want Jews, the whole of France is equally in pain with the French Jews, and the home for them is France and they don’t need to migrate.

To oppose this, PM Netanyahu has pointed out that French people haven’t been able to find out the reason or the culprits behind such acts of cruelty and asked Jews to move back to Israel, saying that Europe is no longer safe for them to stay. He will be accommodating the Jew migrants, and they will face no issues on their arrival or stay.

Even Paris has seen its fair share of bloodshed of Jews and with ever increasing anti-Semitic attacks in Europe PM Netanyahu will have enough evidence to back up his theories if the blame game begins. France is trying to cope up with this blow and attempting to do as much as it can to prove to its countrymen of their efforts and work.

PM Manuel Valls even said that now France in on high alert after the Copenhagen incidents of the synagogue and that of the cartoonist being attacked and they will not let another attack happen under their guard and proper investigation will be done about the crimes. Jews will also be provided more protection.

Although many people are debating on whether they should be migrating or not, there are some out there, who are seeing this as a political vendetta to use them. Some Jews have come out and said that despite the attacks, they don’t wish to leave their homes as they were born here, and this is where they belong now.


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