Barrack Obama -tecake

President Barack Obama is set to come out with this year’s budget that he will be previewing as an example for upcoming 2016 Presidential elections.

Obama has been trying to bridge the rift between the upper class and the middle and lower classes by introducing schemes which will allow the government to extract money from the fortunate and provide it to the lesser fortunate people.

Obama’s new budget contains a lot of plans and tax increases on the wealthy, which is the reason why Republican lawmakers are trying to get it rejected. The budget constitutes of 4 trillion dollars.

The budget is presumed to loosen the budget constraints imposed on the military and domestic programs back in the year 2011. It also holds public works program for highway, bridge and transit upgrades that is estimated to cost around and about 478 billion dollars.

“I think Republicans believe that we should be building our infrastructure. The question is how do we pay for it? That’s a negotiation we should have.” Obama said in an NBC interview before the Super Bowl. In the interview, Obama has also revealed that his relations with other Congress members are not high enough to let the budget proposal being approved by a majority.

Although there have been some proposals made by the President, including free community college. Infrastructure is one of the few corners of the federal budgets, along with the military spending, which were quickly passed by the Republicans.

Obama is said to have done a lot for the country and is fighting for the cause to make it more efficient but the question arises, is the government that he is working with is also flexible enough to let that happen? Or would it rather be filling its own pockets?

The budget proposal is ready and awaits its fate and that of United States of America.

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