copenhagen 30 shot attack tecake

A few days back Copenhagen suffered an attack where around 30 gunshots were made in a cafeteria by some men whose identity is unknown, although their membership to any terrorist group hasn’t been confirmed. The culprit has been shot dead and new evidence has come to light.

In the attack, two people lost their lives, and five policemen were wounded. The attack has been assumed to be on a controversial Swedish Cartoonist, Lars Vilks, who has been the hit list member since his Prophet Muhammad’s caricature depiction in the form of a dog in 2007.

Although the French Ambassador to Denmark was also present there, and both Lars Vilks and the ambassador were unharmed, this was not an easy task. Mr. Vilks had to take shelter in the cold storage area along with some other people present at the cafeteria. The bodyguards of both the crucial personalities have played a significant role in saving their lives. If not for them, the two might have had a hard time surviving on their own.

In the scenario, there were supposed to be two gunmen who fled the scene in a car that was later found to be empty. But now the evidence suggest that it was the doing of all but a single man who has been shot dead by the Denmark police. He was withholding an agenda to kill Mr. Vilks. Denmark has been put on high alert after this situation.

There had been similar incidents in the previous years where Denmark has been a sight of threats and violence over cartoonists portraying caricatures impromptu to the Muslim religion.

Mr. Vilks have been in a constant arena of threats and conspiracies over his cartoons and has been under government protection since 2010.

Denmark has done its toll in serving justice, but even when justice is served, European countries are becoming more and more anti-immigrants and anti-Muslims, as they find it more convenient to make sure that there aren’t more violence.

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