The world was shocked yet again when a mass grave was discovered in Northeast Nigerian town, Damask. 70 unidentified bodies were found dumped in the outskirts of the trading town after it was reclaimed by the peacekeeping forces.

The victims of the mass execution appear not to have been executed afresh as the bodies were found to partially mummified by desert air. Many of the bodies found in the mass grave had thier throat slit while some others were decapitated. Boko Haram which in

Boko Haram which in English translates to ” western education is forbidden” is an Islamist terrorist outfit, mainly active in North Eastern Nigeria, Chad, Niger and Northern Cameroon. It has been involved in various kidnappings, violent attacks and bombings, the most popular being an attack on the office of United Nations in Abuja. The Army of Nigeria coupled with the forces from Chad, Cameroon and Niger are engaged in an onslaught against the deep-rooted terror outfit.

Goodluck Jonathan, The President of Nigeria is hopeful of the country’s liberation from Boko Haram, though his promises before have attracted considerable criticism for not having met with success.

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