Baghdad suicide bombing tecake

Baghdad has recently turned out to be a favorite spot for suicide bombers to rendezvous and have a blast. In this month, there have been two cases of suicide bombings within the span of a day where more than 22 people lost their lives, and more than 50 people were injured.

The latest attack that led to the loss of lives of 11 people happened at the al-Arabi marketplace in downtown Baghdad. The one that took place before this one occurred at a famous restaurant in New Baghdad district in the southeastern part of the capital. It also killed six people and injured over 22 persons.

No claims for the blast has been made by any of the terrorist activists, and people are still devastated by the event that led to such destruction and loss of life. Apparently in this scenario ISIS is blamed for this act as this militant group has been responsible for bombings history in the Middle East.

These attacks are being connected by some to the oppositions on government decisions regarding night time curfew to be removed. The curfew was imposed around seven years back to increase security.

The blasts occurred on the same day that the Iraqi government had decided to lift the curfew on the Iraqi capital for years. This attack is also seen in retaliation to disarm some of Baghdad’s districts of Kadhmiyah, Adhamiyah, Mansour, Karrada and Saidiyah to name a few.

Although the interior ministry spokesman Brigadier General Saad Maan has some other views in the matter which end in conclusions leading to his belief that the attacks were an act of coincidence and were in no way related to the night-time curfew decision.

Further statements haven’t been revealed regarding the current investigation findings on this matter, but rest assured, Baghdad investigation officials are hell bent on finding the motive and the mind behind these blasts.

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