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TransAsia Airways’ plane crashed in Keelung River and killed 40 people with three people still missing whilst 15 people were saved. A search team has been set out for the same while the representatives of the Airways are contacting families of the victims to provide compensation.

The compensation money is said to have been decided as 38 thousand dollars per victim to cover the funeral costs. TransAsia has cancelled over 70 flights so that they can perform ART Pilot tests to make sure that the pilots are well trained.

The reason for the crash has been pinpointed to pilot error. The reports say that as soon as the plane took off, the right engine failed with 40 seconds. The pilot then switched off the left engine in hopes of restarting them both, but that backfired, and none of the engines worked, leading to the crash.

This has been the second plane crash in Taiwan in so many years. The last words of the pilots were recorded as following, “Mayday, mayday, engine flameout.”

There have been Internet videos available of the crashing incident which showed the plane’s left wing, vertical to the ground, damaging an elevated highway and taking a taxi cab over with it before crashing into the river.

Clark Lin, the CAA’s Director for flight standards, has said he would definitely want to fly with TransAsia even after this incidence because such a thing can happen to anyone and the fact that TransAsia has forced ART pilot tests only shows their confidence as well as their dedication towards providing the best of services.

A public mourning has also been organized on 10th of February for the deceased to show respect for the departed. TransAsia is doing everything in their might to lessen the pain of the damage that has already been done as it cannot bring back the dead.

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