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WhatsApp, one of the popular messaging applications, is almost ready to roll out the voice calling feature in the app. It is yet to arrive, however, there are individuals who have been lucky to receive it.

In addition, Jan Koum, CEO WhatsApp uncovers the mystery and confirms that voice calling feature is not a rumour; the company will officially launch the feature in Q1, 2015. It would take time for the developers to roll out this feature. He further added that the project is currently is beta phase and they are testing the servers that if they could handle the load or not.

Reports coming from the WhatsApp users suggest that to enable the voice calling feature users must have the 2.11.531 version of the app that is available for download from the official web portal or the latest release that is available on the Play Store(version 2.11.528). Moreover, one should be “invited” by another user, who has already enabled the voice calling feature in its smartphone, by just giving a phone call from the app.

Past this,  WhatsApp’s voice calling feature was also spotted on Apple iOS devices. On February 5, iPhone users started reporting about visibility of a ‘Call Button’ in the new update (v downloaded from App Store. However, the change log does not mention the inclusion of any voice calling functionality and the ‘Call Button’ to the default dialer app of the phone.

When both of the apps, WhatsApp for iOS and Android were compared, then it was found that the iOS app was notably wider with fully functioning voice calling to some users.

Numerous images have surfaced the Internet showing the voice calling functionality in action, however, the telecom companies in India are also preparing to introduce WhatsApp plans apart from the regular Internet packs. The plans are expected to cost a bit higher, and will presumably help companies recover the loss they have incurred due to a massive cut in SMS going over the cellular networks. Companies are currently in talks with TRAI for the implementation of these plans.

WhatsApp is among the top messaging apps and will have a significant impact on the telecom companies in the country.

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