WhatsApp rolls out its voice calling feature

WhatsApp users will now don’t have to ask for invites to activate the voice calling over the Internet feature in the app for android as the company today officially launched the feature in its ver2.12.19 update.

The users now have to update their app by downloading the apk file from the company’s official website as currently the Play Store is offering the previous build. Currently, the voice calling ability is available for android users only.

Currently, the voice calling ability is available for android users only, the iPhone and the Windows Phone users will have to wait for the feature. On February 5, iPhone users started reporting about the visibility of a ‘Call Button’ in an update (v downloaded from App Store. However, the change log does not mention the inclusion of any voice calling functionality. In addition, there is no information about the activation in Windows Phone.

Previously, the firm has rolled out the calling feature for a limited number and of people and limited number of time to get it activated. Moreover, the TeCake has helped its visitors to get activated with the feature.

However, the roll-out was limited as the users needed to download or update their app the version 2.11.561 and also have to receive a call as an invite from a friend those who has already activated the feature.

After getting activated to the feature, the whole interface of the app gets changed as it gets three tabs at the top which enables the users to get switch between call logs, chat and contacts. Also the chat screen gets a calling button at the top, besides the name of the contact.

TeCake technical staff said that the company has possibly using the servers in all the major locations as while calling from the app it offers a great clarity and fast connectivity. However, few users earlier reported that they were getting a little lag in the conversation.

Earlier, Jan Koum, CEO WhatsApp uncovered the mystery and confirmed that voice calling feature is not a rumour and promised that the company will officially launch the feature in Q1, 2015.

Since then, the project was in beta phase and the developers were testing their servers, whether they could handle the calling load on them or not and It took time for the developers in rolling out the functionality.

After activating the voice calling feature through VoIP, ranked the app in the league which currently boasts other messaging apps like WeChat, Viber, Line etc. that also offer the same feature. However, these apps lack the conversation clarity in them.

“WhatsApp is on a path to connect 1 billion people. The services that reach that milestone are all incredibly valuable,” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and founder.

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