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In a recent development against the frequent call drops faced by the users in India, the telecom minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad directed the telecom companies to improve their network coverage, or else, be ready to face the music.

“No one has been talking tough with the operators. We will not appreciate their whole conduct of concentrating on data at the cost of voice and on new customers instead of old one”, Prasad said.

In an interview, Shereen Behan said that the telecom operators are publicly owning up about not able to perform up to the mark. He was particularly happy about the fact that the CEO of Vodafone has publicly apologized during his India’s visit to meet him.

“What is important is they have to reinforce their network. They have to spend where expenditure is required. I will certainly not appreciate their whole conduct; they have only concentrated on data at the cost of voice. They only concentrate on new customers and ignore the old ones”, Prasad provided this solution to the operators.

Ravi Shankar Prasad praised about BSNL’s rising customer base and said that the company is again rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

“I am happy now lot of towers are being erected, base transceiver station (BTS) is being erected. About 14,000 they have done in the last three-four months; in Delhi also about 2,100. BSNL has done 25,000 BTS in the last one and a half years.”

When asked about the telecom operators case against Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) regarding penalization for call drops starting January, 2016, he was reluctant at first and only repeated about the need for improvement. On further probing, Mr. Prasad didn’t give a straight answer and started talking about the radiation issue and spectrum sharing.

He further questioned the telecom authorities and said, “For 10 years consumers’ interest was in the background. Therefore, I am saying operators will have to reinforce their network. It is not my job to get a location for them. If they can erect nearly 14,000 towers after I became tough why couldn’t they do it earlier?”

Overall, it seems a good news for the users. What remains to be seen is how the telecom operators are going to react against this directive?

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