Facebook aims at expanding grip with 'Facebook at Work'

Algorithm used by the social media network, Facebook, to rank the trending keywords has been revealed by a report by Re/Code. The report says that the social media giant has deployed various algorithms, to stuff the news feed each and every time the user logs in. These algorithm uses the current log in location, liked pages and topics that are currently being mentioned majorly and those topics that have a sudden hike in mentioning.

For an example, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is mentioned often in India, therefore, the keyword has a high volume of mentionings. And it is not necessary that since Modi has a high number of mentionings across the country, then he should be in trends. So if the keywords related to the Prime Minister get a sudden hike in number of mentionings in India then the website trends that keyword in the country.

The topics to trend in the category specific section is also decided by the same manner by Facebook.

“This means that things that trend are not just the most highly mentioned people or topics, they have to be tied to some kind of relevant event,” the report said. Once a topic is identified as trending, it is approved by a human controller, who also writes a short description for the story.

After getting identified by the algorithms, the topic to be trend goes through a human controller which approves it manually and provide a short description for the story. These people don’t get to pick what Facebook adds to the trending section.

Taking an another example, currently, ‘Lamborghini Gallardo” is trending in India as the car has met with an accident in New Delhi. The trend has been listed with a description, “The incident happened as the driver was leaving a service center. A short circuit is expected to be the cause, fire officials told The Times of India. The car is said to be worth Rs 2.5 crore.”

“That’s done automatically by the algorithm. They just get to pick the headline,” the report added.

First published on Tuesday, August 25, 2015, 07:33 AM

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