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The electronics manufacturer, Samsun has launched its a revolutionary service in Bengaluru. The firm has installed solar-power operated free mobile charging points in the city.

It has deployed the charging stations in front of some selected smart cafes across the city. In a statement, company has reported that the mobile charging facility is free of cost for the users and it will help in the promotion of company’s new products, as the meantime will be utilized in demonstrations and conversation with the service users.

In addition, Samsung claims that it is a “First-of-its-kind in India” and needs a very less maintenance. The system uses solar power capacity of 300KW, which is sufficient enough to charge more than 20 smartphones in a day.

Currently, the solar-powered charging stations are deployed at major areas of the city, which includes CMH Road, Indiranagar; Total Mall, Sarjapura Road; Sahakaranagar; Malleshwaram; and Vijaynagar.

“We have chosen to introduce solar power charging in Bengaluru as the city is home to the highest number of Samsung smartphone users in the premium segment. We enjoy 59 percent market share in the premium smartphone segment in the city, which includes all smartphones priced above Rs. 40,000. With this initiative, we can also engage with smartphone users near the store by inviting them into the smart café to see product demos and ensure conversions,” said Asim Warsi, Vice-President, Marketing, Samsung India.

It is said by the analysts that the company is trying to promote its recently launched Galaxy S6 edge+, priced at Rs 57,900. As the mobile stations will provide a free publicity to the firm.

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