Nikon D-SLR D810A -tecake

Nikon India has recently launched the new Nikon D-SLR D810A camera, specially designed for Astrophotographers. The camera is capable of capturing even those extraterrestrial objects that emit the H-alpha wavelengths of light, including Nebulae and galaxies, which was not possible until now date with the existing technology. The camera features a 36.3 megapixels Nikon FX-format CMOS sensor, which is built in an absence of an optical low-pass filter and also comes with EXPEED four image-processing engine. The EXPEED engine helps in improving noise reduction at high ISO and gives depth, as well as clarity in gradient rendering.

“Nikon is always up for a challenge and empowering astrophotographers with a dedicated camera of unprecedented image quality was one intriguing task. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Nikon D810A, a class-leading, high-definition D-SLR that will bring astrophotographers one step closer to capturing the majestic vastness and beauty of space while offering them a new perspective in stunning detail,” said Mr. Hiroshi Takashina, Managing Director, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Sajjan Kumar, Vice President, Imaging Division, Nikon India Pvt. Ltd, added, “The Nikon D810A has been designed keeping in mind the obstacles that astrophotographers face; it is a result of an amalgamation of advanced imaging technology and suite of outstanding features. Nikon D810A is a 36.3 megapixels camera crafted with unique ability to capture subjects with H-alpha wavelengths, ensuring rich, vibrant capture for images of the cosmos that are true to the eye.”

The camera features longer exposures in low-light conditions with minimal noise along with a live view mode that are very handy in astrophotography and are not available in many other cameras.

Since this is the only option for the astrophotographers out there, Nikon does not face any direct competition from any of the rival camera manufacturers like Canon or Pentax or others.

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