Google Expeditions App for Virtual Reality trips

Last year in September, tech giant Google first launched the Expeditions Pioneer Program to boost teachers to give knowledge to their students with the help of Cardboard VR. Now, the search giant Google has launched the Expeditions app for all people to get aware about the initiative and take benefit of it. It has also unveiled new tools like Google Cast and Quizzes focused on advancing the teaching experience.

The Expeditions app contains many VR trips to exotic places like the Great Barrier Reef and Machu Picchu. Google announced that the app contains more than 200 virtual trips to the number of places around the globe. With this initiative, teachers will not have to pass through the time-consuming sign-up process for the Expeditions Pioneer Program in order to get access to the app. The Expeditions app can now be downloaded onto multiple phones, and after that, the teachers can select which place he/she wishes to take their class. The app is available for all Android users through Google Play and the company tells that it will reach on iOS as soon as possible.

The teacher can assist as a tour guide while students follow via VR, knowing about historical places and events in the whole process. For those classrooms that don’t consist the technology to perform these VR trips, Google has even launched Expeditions kits. The company informs that more than a million students belonged to 11 different countries have enjoyed virtual reality trips till date.

The Google is now made these kits available at $9,999 so that anyone can buy this without passing through the long sign-up process. These kits consist 30 smartphones, 3 chargers, a tablet for the teacher to guide the tour, a router that enables Expeditions app to work without using the Internet Connection, and 30 Google Cardboard viewers that switch phones into virtual reality devices. Google has made the partnership with content providers like the Smithsonian, the American Museum of Natural History, The Planetary Society, Frontiers of Flight Museum, the National Museum of Korea, PBS, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,Subaru, Alchemy VR and others to make virtual reality experiences for students. They also made the team visit every school to learn teacher how the system runs.

Recalls about the Expeditions Pioneer Program, the company is bringing Expeditions on the road and to schools in the U.S. , the United Kingdom, Australia, and Brazil as a part of a pilot program that it names the “Expeditions Pioneer Program”. It will provide kits with everything teachers require running the virtual class trip to their schools.

In addition, Google even declared a new Google cast for Education Chrome app that allows students and teachers to share their screens wirelessly. The tech giant has also unveiled Quizzes in Google Forms, to simplify the work of the teacher. Quizzes will make grading for checkbox and multiple choice questions automatically. Teachers will now allow to pre-choose answers in quizzes so that the student see their results at that time, while also diminishing the grading job for teachers.

Google has also released three more creative apps – Explain Everything, Soundtrap, and WeVideo – for Chromebooks. The apps allow students to develop animation, music and videos and can be bought from the Google Play Store.

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