Google Knowledge Graph TeCake

Google is now going to present you with the information on health-related queries in the sidebar, which mostly contains images and text related to the search. According to the Internet giant, bringing this new feature will help people know more about the health problems and their remedies as out of 20 requests one is related to the health issues.

Google on Tuesday said that it would display medical information in the Knowledge Graph, a sidebar for images and texts. The information will include how common the health problem is, what are its remedies and symptoms. It will also include information related to the possible solutions to a disease and its prevention.

Until now, Google was only presenting its users with links to other websites and forums, however, with this new inclusion the search results are not only going to help save the time, but will also be more informative. It usually happens that while going through all the conversations in a discussion forum, users often confuse themselves with the information provided than what it is.

Google has worked with a team of doctors, collected every possible information, compiled, and reviewed before it was put out for the users. However, the search results are only meant for the Internet giant’s users to know more about the disease. There are chances that the results provided doesn’t match exactly with what you are looking for.

“In the long run, not only do we plan to cover many more medical conditions, but we also want to extend this to other parts of the world,” Google product manager Prem Ramaswami said in a blog post.

Today, the wearable and medical industry are coming forward to make the users aware of their health problems and fitness. Providing search results that are more accurate, Google will apparently make the information more reachable and useful.

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