Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) has filed a new patent for the Glass, which will allow the head wearable to recognize the song then display the dance moves for it. The patent has been filed for a system which will help Glass to do it. 

The patent says that the new system for the Glass will first recognize the music sample, and then will produce steps for the user on the HMD or Head Mounted Display in the wearable unit.

“The content identification module may provide information associated with a content of the media sample, such as identification of the song and the dance, to the wearable computing system,” the patent reads.

Google is probably preparing a database of steps for it, however, the company can also display other people dancing to that song. This will include the clips from the videos posted on the YouTube and video sharing websites.

However, the patent can also mean that the Google will be able to present information about anything that the user sees around. The new system from the Internet giant will not only be able to display the dance moves, but will also fetch the Wiki information about a particular object that the Glass sees. For example, Glass will be able to tell you more about a species of flower or an animal just by looking at it.

The patent reveals that the company is yet not done with the Glass project after it was closed for sale. The Internet giant abruptly brought the Glass Explorer Edition sales to halt, saying that the company is going to launch a newer version of it near future.

Google Glass was criticized and appraised by the folks all around the world, however, Google says that the Glass was considered as final products but was only in the development phase. There have been privacy concern attached to the use of Google Glass, many believe that anyone can take videos or pictures without them knowing about it. However, one can observe a little glow in the head mounted display of the glass whenever there is an activity in the wearable.

There was also an another theory that using Glass while driving is safe and not as distracting as using a smartphone, however, several studies proved that the using Glass behind the wheels is equally distracting as a smartphone, but Glass users can quickly respond to the situation than the smartphone users.

Glass is the head wearable that allows handsfree access to the features on your smartphone. One can take calls, record videos or click pictures, read emails and navigate keeping the hands free all the time.

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