Google Earth Pro price slashed from ₹24,708 to free-tecake

Google is now offering the $399 (INR 24,000) Google Earth Pro subscription for free. Earlier, this version of Google Earth, which was barely used by ordinary people, was of great help to those who are in need of measuring the buildings and various advanced features. Often, private businesses and government agencies were using it for data analyzing, 3D mapping, satellite imaging and more. 

However, from now on, every person having access to this software can enjoy the features without digging deep into their pockets.

There have been some reports about why Google gave up on the paid version of the Google Earth. One of them is that the company was not able to generate the revenue it expected, and opening it to the world might pull more users towards it.

The significant difference between the standard and the paid version of Google Earth are the advanced features in it. A Pro user can print out large images having resolution of 4800×3200, however, in the standard version it was only limited to 1000X1000 pixels. With Google Earth Pro, one can quickly record the HD quality feed of what’s been explored, it comes bundled with features such as polygon and circle mapping that is limited to line and paths in the standard version.

Google Earth has seen a major decline in its popularity as more users prefer to use Google Maps over it. Maps, except navigation, come bundled most of the features provided by the Google Earth. In addition, for a standard users Apple Maps and Here Maps from Nokia gained more popularity in terms of features and quality. It is without a doubt these mapping applications are far better than the standard Google Earth.

However, since Google has provided the paid version for free, there are chances that the company might enable advertisements on it. 

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