Google doodle welcomes new year

The new year is already here with new hopes and new spirits. Last year, 2016, has already taken off and the new year has begun. For some, the leap year was wonderful, while for other the year only brought them bad moods and dissatisfaction. But, taking the entire context in mind, 2016 was also a beautiful blend of happiness and sadness, as every year is.

With the new year in ambience, the one who took the entire attention was Google doodle. While we were waiting for the clock to struck 12, on 31st December 2016, while we were shouting the countdown to began the new year, there were some who were also impatiently waiting for 2017 to come in. Yes! the Google doodle. The Google doodle was decorated with colourful balloons on the ceilings, impatiently waiting to set their wings free as the clock struck 12.

google welcomes new year

The colourful balloons were such designed, that it showed how we wait for a new year to come and how we welcome it. The balloons were attached to the ceiling and as the clock struck 12, they were set fee. The balloons were seen dropping down the ceiling. Symbolically, these colourful balloons, set free was Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s message to the world, to let their soul set free from all kinds of misery and sadness and embrace the glory of happiness.

The balloons were not all happy. Some were also typically designed with weird smiley and birthday hats. This amazing picture of anticipation that Google doodle brought in the picture is not new, in fact, every year, Google comes up with a new way to celebrate and welcome the New approaching year.

As the countdown ended, the Google India team welcomed the new year with a short yet attractive tweet, “Hello 2017, We’ve been expecting you.”

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