Google calendar app for Apple iOS images leaked

Someone on the Internet has tipped the images of the upcoming release of the revamped Google calendar app for the Apple iOS users. Back in November, Google promised to bring all new material design app on the App Store, and it looks like the Internet giant is just in time to launch its calendar.

So far, the design is very much similar to that of the Android app. The app will be capable of adding the photographs and maps right to your calendar, and will show you whenever you will need it. It is probably the first time when Google has offered a calendar app for the iOS users and is apparently going to take over the native calendar app from Apple Inc. 

Google calendar app for Apple iOS images leaked

If we speculate the design for the calendar app for iOS, it is barely different than the one present in the Android devices. The overall features and the design are no different than the current version we see in the handhelds breathing over the Google’s operating system.

Google calendar app for Apple iOS images leaked
However, the rumors also suggest that the Internet giant might add some new features to it also. There aren’t confirm dates when Google can launch this app, but as the images are out the company might release it anytime soon. We will update you as soon as this app is launched for the iOS devices, but in case you don’t want to wait — switch to an Android smartphone.

Image source: The Next Web

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