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In a new development, Facebook has introduced a new technology called Photo Magic in its Messenger application for people to easily send pictures to their friends and family members.

The features of Photo Magic is that it will automatically address a message to be sent quickly to Facebook friends identified in a picture. This option depends on the same image-recognition technology through which you can attach people’s names to your Facebook posts.

This update will be available from Thursday to all the users of Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Facebook has even given you the option of deciding whether you want to activate Photo Magic or not. After this feature is turned on, it can still be switched off any time.

This update comes after a month of successful testing among smartphone users in Australia and will now be available worldwide. Currently, Messenger has more than 700 million users, about half the size of the users on Facebook’s social network. However, this Photo Magic update will not be update for users in Canada and European Union, with reasons not given.

With competition from services like Snapchat that is a craze among teenagers, Facebook is counting on Photo Magic to gain more popularity and allegiance from the younger generation.

The functioning of Photo Magic is such that it will automatically figure out the people in a picture, if they are in the users Facebook friends circle. If found, Photo Magic creates a messaging thread which will allow the user to send the pictures to all the identified people in only two clicks. That’s pretty cool and amazing.

According to the stats given by Facebook, about 9.5 billion pictures are being sent through Messenger each month. Facebook believes that there will be a surge in pictures sending, if Photo Magic’s automation is successful in making it less difficult for users to pick out the images and figure out which people might be interested in seeing them.

Facebook is also giving users the opportunity to change the colors of their exchange with different friends. You can even change the formal name of the recipient to nickname, such as “bff” or “gabbar”, which until now has never happened on Facebook.

Do tell us about your experience of Photo Magic, in the comments section.

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