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Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro is nothing less than a technical wonder. Integrated with multiple advanced features, finer processor from Intel, and some new additions, the upgraded MacBook Pro is much more superior to its base versions. After the first launch of MacBook Air in 2008, this year, Apple has brought up the biggest-ever changes in the outline of its premium gadget. 2016 MacBook Pro is thinner and more powerful than the base model MacBook Air and hence, is tagged with a much higher price. Though it is already few months to the launch of MacBook Pro, still the market is not yet fully convinced about the higher price range of the gadget.

In terms of price, the new 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is tagged with the introductory price of $1,799, while the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is packed with a starting range of $2,399.  After witnessing such expensive price tags, the question “Is MacBook Pro worth a Higher Price Tag” has still kept on overwhelming the marketers, shoppers, and critics. However, what is confirmed till now is that “Apple is asking a high price for its new MacBook Pro because of the exclusive Touch Bar”.

Let’s have a critical review on new MacBook Pro and its causative features for the higher price tag:

‘Touch Bar’ is the most headlining feature of the new MacBook Pro. The new feature is the replacement of the conventional function switched and the contextual shortcuts. The Touch Bar is also integrated with the App options which enable MacBook Pro users to enjoy a more convenient and multi-tasking operating process.

Among other highlighted features, the MacBook Pro is also packed with the largest ‘TrackPad’. This biggest-ever TrackPad is allowing the user to carry out the gestures alongside the time enable lengthy swipes. However, in its downside, the feature is also accompanying the “accidental touch” glitch.

Another biggest highlight feature of the new MacBook Pro is its powerful ‘Retina display’. The screen of the MacBook Pro is claimed to be a 500-nits LED backlit display which is brighter and more colourful than other MacBook models.

The new MacBook Pro is also integrated with an advanced ‘TouchID Switch, which can be utilized for Apple Pay. However, regrettably, the feature is still not accessible in India. The TouchID button is identical to iPhones and iPads and can be used for user authentication.

Last but not the least; the bigger and better battery is also carrying some contribution to the higher price range of the new MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro is claimed to keep its light on up to 10 hours of internet use and iTunes movie playback, while can last up to 30 days in standby mode.

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