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In rivalry with Google, the China-based web firm, Baidu is all set to launch its driver-less car later this year.

At the China Cloud Computing Services Summit, Wang Jin, Senior Vice President of Baidu reported that the firm is going to work with a third party automobile manufacturer to introduce the self-driving car based on artificial intelligence and other computer technologies.

Few months earlier, the concept was, however, unleashed by Yu Kai, the Head of Baidu’s Deep Learning Lab.

Also, a report published in People’s Daily Online suggests that the new hybrid car from the company boasts features like Baidu Map, Big Data, Baidu Brain and artificial intelligence. The Baidu Brain feature makes the car unique among the self-driving cars, it allows the car to stimulate the human thinking and make quick decisions while driving.

The report said, “Baidu Brain can simulate the thinking pattern of the human brain. Baidu Brain can store information and “think” keeping in mind 20 billion parameters.” It also suggests, to improve the accuracy of a feature called Baidu Map, the company has acquired a Finnish technology company.

Moreover, the vehicle will be designed to sense its surroundings using the techniques like radar, lidar, GPS, and computer vision. Thanks advanced control systems, such vehicles are capable of interpreting sensory information to identify obstacles in the path, as well as appropriate navigation paths.

Unlike Google, Baidu does not believe in a fully automated car as the manufacturer is installing traditional pedals to the vehicle. Besides this, Google has unveiled last month its new prototype for self-driven cars and reported that it will hit the roads around its headquarters in Mountain View, California, later this summer.

These cars are reportedly involved in 13 minor accidents in its course of six-year tests.

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