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The very first wearable from Apple, the Watch is now becoming a battle between the opposite sexes as a data mining company, CrowdFlower based in California said in a study that feedback on twitter from women are far more positive than the men, regarding the Apple watch.

The company has analysed more than 30,000 tweets, since the launch of the watch, April 24 and found that a larger number of women tweeted with a positive response to the product as compared the men.

The majority of positive tweets for the watch were about the apps running on it, however, the main negative feedback were regarding the slow delivery for the orders.

Moreover, the study reveals that 64 percent of women were in favour of buying the Apple’s wearable product. Meanwhile, men lag with 11 percent, as only 53 percent on men were in favour of it.

In addition, out of 30,000 tweets nearly about 21,000 tweets were from the gadget obsessed people and those who generally love fitness related apps.

However, the Cupertino giant has sliced off a majority of characteristics that were previously announced in the Watch. As the device doesn’t boast any sensor to monitor heart rate, blood pressure and stress levels.

Apple says that the Watch is “Our most personal device yet.” It can help you track your daily activities, apparently synchronises well with your iPhone and has almost every feature that one might expect. Apple Watch is an all-day wearable gadget, remains close to your wrist with the changeable straps, and over Wi-Fi with your iPhone to track your fitness, activities and more.

Reports suggests that Apple Inc. is also going to launch a Watch 2 with the well rumored and upcoming iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

If this Watch is just to analyze the market and to test the performance, we won’t suggest you to be the lab rat.

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