According to the some of the reports, Apple Inc. 12-inch MacBook Air had its display images leaked online by a Chinese site, iFanr. This drop in the bucket gives us a glimpse of how the upcoming MacBook Air 12 is going to look like, and what Apple has done to give it a complete makeover.

Apple Inc MacBook Air 12 Retina display images leaked TECAKE

Analyzing the images, the display is now not having a silver bezel but a black one. The screen is probably a Retina display and resembles much to that of a MacBook Pro with Retina Display. However, what’s new that the company has done is that, instead of putting a backlit Apple logo, there is only one polished logo typically seen in iPad and iPhone. Reports suggest that the change can be related to the thinness of the device. Moreover, with a difficulty to view the dark bezels, no assumption can be made about where the screen ends.

Apple Inc MacBook Air 12 Retina display images leaked TECAKE

Some analysts are also inclining towards the fact that the company might bring out a two-in-one laptop. However, that myth can be easily debunked by looking at the space left out to join the display assembly and rumored uni-body of the MacBook Air 12.

Apple Inc MacBook Air 12 Retina display images leaked TECAKE

Unlike the current MacBook Air that is having comparatively large footprint, company has eliminated most of the useless space in the MacBook Air 12. The design is razor thin, curved and is having a lesser footprint. The images reflected how it stacked up with the iPad Air.

It’s without a doubt that the company is going to power pack this machine with the Intel Core M Fanless processors. The processors have also helped Apple in achieving the thinnest design possible.

Another round of rumor follows about a new line of iPad. As per the sources, company is also going to launch an iPad Pro with 12 inches of screen.

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