Apple Inc has been reported to invest nearly $2 billion ( INR 1235.7 Cr)  to convert a failed sapphire crystal plant into a data center in Arizona, US. Before the iPhone was introduced by the company, Cupertino giant teamed together with the GT Advanced Technologies to build sapphire crystal glass for the iPhone 6 duo, however, it failed resulting in GT Advanced Technologies to go bankrupt and file a lawsuit against the Apple Inc.

“We’re proud to continue investing in the U.S. with a new data center in Arizona, which will serve as a command center for our global networks,” Kristin Huguet, a spokeswoman for Apple.

Apple said that this is one of the largest multi-billion dollar company has ever made and plans to run it for over a period of next 30 years. Company announced that they would be able to finish the proposed project within a period of ten years.

The facility will not only act as a data center for Apple Inc, but also the command center for other data centers and networks that involves operating iTunes, iCloud, and SIRI. The Cupertino giant will create nearly 600 engineering and construction jobs at the under-development center, and will power it with solar energy for the environment protection.

At the time when GT went bankrupt and filed a lawsuit against Apple Inc, the company shut down its factories, winded all of its operations and laid off nearly 650 employees. Apple Inc, with this new proposal, is going to hire almost half of the employees at the center.

Earlier we reported that, both the companies settled for the manufacturing of the product in Mesa, Arizona. Apple financed GT with $578 million for the production of sapphire crystal that GT was supposed to pay back till 2021. However, Apple finally decided to use Gorilla Glass 3 in both of their phones, iPhone six and its bigger sibling iPhone 6 Plus.

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