Apple Inc granted patent for virtual reality headset Tecake

Apple Inc on Tuesday was granted a patent that will allow the iPhone users to turn their smartphone into a virtual reality headset. The title of the patent was stated as, “Head Mounted Display Apparatus For Retaining A Portable Electronic Device With Display”. Apple Inc is apparently going to launch a head-mount that will have an iPhone sitting in it.

As per the patent details, when coupled with this VR headset, the smartphone from Cupertino giant is expected to become the screen with several media options. One can easily play the games, watch movies and more.

Apple Inc isn’t first to announce such type of headsets, in fact, its closest rival Samsung has already made major announcements regarding the launch of these headsets. The concept is almost similar again, and the patent is roughly analogous to the Gear VR, which was released last year by the Samsung Group.

Demonstration iPhone with Gear VR TeCake

Apple Inc filed this patent in late 2008, and it states that the headset will temporarily integrate the two different devices into one single unit. However, reports also suggest that Apple Inc can also introduce VR commands in its personal assistance SIRI.

However, the patent doesn’t signify that the company is going to launch it anytime soon, in fact, it reflects Apple’s interest in exploring the territory. Not now, but maybe in the near future the company might introduce a virtual reality headset.

If we look at the current VR market, then there isn’t much demand for these types products. Pioneers, including Oculus, are still limiting their products to the developers only. VR might be a thing of the future, however, companies need to work more on it to blend it our lifestyle.

Apart from this, Apple Inc is also cutting down important health-related features in its upcoming Apple Watch. WSJ reported that the company has removed significant sensors as they are not that accurate.

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