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Introducing new facility in upcoming gadgets, Apple Inc. has announced its plans to launch new Wireless Charging Technology by 2017. According to the sources, the technology will adorn Apple’s iPhones and iPads to make it easy for its users to fight dying battery problem.

In order to materialize the plans, Apple is working with its American and Asian partners to chalk out strategical framework. The experts working with Apple are working towards finding solution to the obstacles faced by others mobile manufacturing companies in dealing with wireless technology.

Apple aims to augment the usage of its iPhone and iPad by enabling the wireless technology to work efficiently. Currently, they are busy in manoeuvring technical barriers like loss of power over distance charging and adverse effect on health with transmission of power through the air. Presumably, the company is working on a safe option.

The report further said that the forthcoming devices by the Cupertino giant will allow users to get them charged even when kept further away from a supposed mat – making it truly wireless.

Their need to work on obstacles has enabled them to perform efficiently with the assistance of technological brilliance. It has also applied for patents before that revolve around wireless charging technology, sources added.

Previously, the firm has already filed for patents revolving around wireless charging technology. For just a case, Apple has showed off criteria in 2010, by which its iMac could serve as a source to supply some sort of energy in other devices by a distance of 1 metre.

Indeed, urge to bring the Wireless Charging Technology in the market has enabled them to follow footsteps of Google Nexus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6. So, the users of iPhone and iPad have an excellent option to enjoy the service in next future. After all, the company is working towards the benefit of prospective customers.

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