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Indian Cricket team leader, Mahendra Singh Dhoni requested N. Srinivasan to delay the Cricket World Cup by a period of two weeks. The main reason behind the requested delay by the skipper is to rejuvenate team India so they emerge as a stronger contender and it would also help his team in forgetting the bad memories they got from Australian tour. Since past 43 years, it was the first time that Indian Cricket Team was unable to win a match on the tour of Australia.

Dhoni told the media that his team members have locked themselves for next few days and they want to get over from the series of losses faced recently. He further told that the team members are trying their best to rejuvenate themselves.

“As of now, our focus is to remind ourselves that we can win and we are not a bunch of losers. For last couple of days, I have been playing Ludo on daily basis and have won more than 80% of the games. They say, I am lucky, so capitalizing on that I am trying to win maximum number of games and I hope it will help me to become positive,” said Dhoni adding that all the employees in the resort have been replaced by Indians.

“This is just to make sure that we don’t have to see Australian faces, as they remind us of the test and one-day series we played with them,” Dhoni continued, “But despite all these, I think we need some more time as the wound is too deep and starting the World Cup on 28th Feb instead of 14th would give us sufficient time.”

Explaining the situation, Ishant said, “My aim is to boost my winning rate to 90% by mid of this month, and if Srinivasan Sir accepts Dhoni’s request, I would get another couple of weeks to build the winning momentum.”

He was spotted playing video games with 7 to 8 year old kids. With all excitement, he said, “I have won 6 out of the last 10 games which I played against Bittu.”

One of the BBCI spokespersons reported that, ” I strongly feel Dhoni should come in earlier and play with more freedom. He can do wonders and here its just a question of three crucial days. (Well, all seven knockout matches are day-night affairs, but in India they will all be day affairs.) If Dhoni pulls it off, he goes from hero to legend. It all boils down to one simple statement of fact. India can win if they have three outstanding days. However, one bad day in the knockouts is fatal.”

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