Briton number one Andy Murray disclosed that he had never persisted a massive defeat, like 6-0, 6-1 defeated by Roger Federer, at the ATP World Tour Finals.

While feeling humiliated by the former number one Murray said that he had never been at that stage in his whole career as he struggled to make some points, against his rival Federer. He further said in sorrow that it might be a difficult task to overcome this defeat in the upcoming future. It may not take place in the future, said Murray to the BBC.

While praising the achievement of Federer, he said that Swiss played extraordinary tennis. He wants to improve his game for the next session, and he has learned a lot in this year.

Being optimistic, Murray also said, that he has time to recall about his mistakes and wants to make a few changes in his game. Aiming the Australian Open as his next objective, he said that his intentions would stay as high as ever in the past, and knows what is necessitated to achieve a higher level in a consistent manner.

Jose Mourinho, Chelsea Manager attended the ATP World Tour Finals and advised Murray after his big loss against Federer, “There are some matches where we feel it’s not our day and I think that applies to football and any other sport, even in tennis. But in all, pride, and play for the people that are behind him and even if he knows that it is very difficult to beat Roger tonight, give his best and sometimes a bad loss is the beginning of many, many victories and hopefully next season will be a much better season for Andy.”

Murray disappointed with his defeat and said, “It was a tough night. He played exceptionally well. That’s for sure. I can say I’m disappointed with my level, but even if I’d played well he probably still would have won. He was striking the ball very cleanly and made very few mistakes. I’ve never lost 6-0 6-0 before, I’ve hardly ever lost 6-0 6-1. It’s very disappointing, it wasn’t what I was looking for.” For him, this year finished in squeezing style and added, “Everything he tried tonight came off. It’s not a nice way to finish the year.”

Federer expressed a relaxed feeling and said, “Clearly I’m very happy to play a good match today.  I knew I was qualified so maybe I went in more relaxed. It’s not the way I thought it was going to go but there’s always next year for Andy, hopefully he’ll have a good season.”

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