Fans die outside Soccer Stadium in Cairo tecake

Egypt saw yet another stunning violence in which around 22 fans of soccer players lost their lives while trying to get inside the stadium in Cairo to watch their favorite team play.

The Cabinet has decided on suspending the national football after they witnessed the brutish of riots in sports’ history. The security present there had to fire tear gas to clear a narrow corridor for people to escape which backfired and turned into a deadly stampede.

The fans are blaming the authority for not providing proper services and opening a single entry for the stadium. If there had been more inlets to the stadium, there would have been less rush and a stampede wouldn’t have been caused leading to such barbaric deaths.

In a similar incident three years ago where 70 fans lost their lives at a stadium there were restrictions and limitations set for number of attendees for the match. But a few weeks back, those restrictions were removed and alas, the country faced such a hazardous event.

The surprising element though was the fact that the match went unhinged by the riots or the killings. An arrest warrant was also generated for the Zamalek supporter for instigation of violence.

This event has brought the whole nation to shame as the authorities are being questioned for the poor management of the event. And with the players suffering because they cannot play their sport and fans not being able to watch them, there is outrage among every single person associated with the game.

But we need to ask ourselves that is this madness right? People need to check themselves before turning into overly crazed fans who harm not only themselves but those innocent people around them. A situation that would have been otherwise handled in a systematic, sequential manner has turned into a haphazard due to impatience of some.

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