This New Year, China has also put forward its statement to launch 30 new satellites and break the world record. In context to that, recently China has shared its plans to set up the world’s highest altitude gravitational wave telescopes in Tibet.

The place of launch is very close to the border of India. This part is also popularly known as Line of Actual Control in India. A huge budget of 18.8 million American Dollars has been set out to detect the faintest echoes resonating from the universe. This telescope can even reveal more about the Big Bang theory, as said by the Chinese astronomers.

Construction of the Telescope has already started for the first part of the Telescope. A code named Ngari No. 1 is sanctioned for the Telescope. According to the Chief Researcher of the mission Yao Yongqiang, it is 30 km south of Shiquanhe Town in Ngari Prefecture, with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

These parts of Nagri are the last Tibetan territory at China’s border with India. The project was actually initiated by the Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), National Astronomical Observatories (NAO), and Shanghai Institute of Microsystems and Information Technology. The main aim of this project is to find more about the Big Bang theory.

The telescope will be located 5,250 meters above sea level, being the world’s highest telescope so far. It will be detecting and gathering precise data on primordial gravitational waves in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth.

The project is expected to be effective by 2021. The news was aired by China’s local news agency.

Yao Yongqjang also said that the second phase of the project involves a series of telescopes, named as Ngari No 2. It will be located about 6,000 meters above sea level, more than the first one.

The exact time frame for the designing and construction of Ngari No. 2 is not known yet. But the budget for the two-phase Ngari gravitational wave observatory project is an estimated 130 million Yuan or USD 18.8 million. it is a huge amount for a space project in China.

Last September 2016, China custom-made the world’s largest radio telescope in a mountainous region of southwest China’s Guizhou Province. This telescope was set to search for more strange objects in the space, gain better understanding of the origin of the universe and to boost the global search for extraterrestrial life.

The mechanism of the telescope’s main structure is placed at a 4,450-panel reflector, which is as large as 30 football pitches. It was built in a unique valley in Guizhou Province, China.

The Ngari Telescopes is designed to set up and detect the faintest echoes resonating from the universe which may reveal more about the great Big Bang Theory. Apart from that, the budget of 18.8 million dollars will be used to setup the highest altitude telescopes in the world. According to the scientists, this project can bring a revolutionary change in the thought process of the origin of the Universe.

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  • Swapnil Saxena

    Read the whole article. Where’s India’s involvement in this project? The title is misleading.