UFO Spotted Near International Space Station

It is not a whooping news when we are listening about UFOs. As we earlier reported, the UFOs were spotted near ISS leaving the signs of the presence of aliens, a new YouTube video has also started surfacing on the Internet and going viral showing the same three UFOs about which we were discussing in our previous articles.

In the video, a teenager captured them in his smartphone when they were flying over his head. However, as usual, the real mystery remained unsolved but the difference here is that this time the UFO sighting is that much considered because it has directly come from the ISS’s live footage of earth.

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Is it alien spaceship or cloud? Three UFO was seen flying near International Space Station

For those who don’t know, recently three UFO’s are spotted near the International Space Station in a live footage. Conspiracy theorists also claimed the same and said that they have spotted three alien spaceships flying near the International Space Station (ISS) that look extraterrestrial pointing towards the existence of alien life.

The event went viral when a YouTuber called  Third Phase of Moon has made the stunning video which clearly shows three white colour circular spaceships flying near ISS.  “We’ve got three strange anomalies drifting downwards just above the Earth’s atmosphere. Is this something extraterrestrial?” said the editor in the video.

In his video, initially, it seems like objects looking similar to the clouds are flying at high speed over the head of the camera man. However, people from thirdphaseofmoon declined to believe so. The sighting is also being assumed as ongoing weather changes in the United States.

Many alien hunters believe that aliens constantly linger around International Space Station and talk to astronauts but NASA is hiding it from people on Earth as it might create chaos. This is not the first time when live feed was cut after strange activity was spotted on the screen.

The TeCake also belongs to such alien hunters and our team believes that the UFO spotted near the International Space Station can be a hint from aliens. However, some of are claiming that these are just clouds flying in the sky. We are getting several emails regarding the same debate. If you also want to share your views with us please write to us at editor@tecake.com or place your comments in the Disqus box below.

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  • nosy parker

    why the so called UFOs only appearing as light sources. Nothing other than lights seen.

    • Vivek SM

      Excellent. Same doubt I have. It is just for confusing ppl all around the world. Only JESUS is TRUTH, WAY n LIFE…..HE is coming soon my dear frnds………..Please set right all selfs…..ALL THE BEST…

      • sunny

        Dumb F spotted… whatever floats your boat!!!
        Is it not enough that you are delusional, now you want to spread the sickness around??? Grow up… throw your garbage somewhere else!!

    • The TeCake

      The reason may be that the light can travel a longer distance Hence each time lights seen

  • How come there can be clouds around ISS? Baseless reasons

    • The TeCake

      Exactly! that is leading to make people think that they might be a UFO.