Travelling faster than light in space hypothetically possible, claims Australian scientist

Space travel between different galaxies is hypothetically possible, said astrophysicist Geraint Lewis from Australia. Lewis stated that that spaceship can travel faster than light while still following the Albert Einstien’s “General Theory of Relativity”. This will be made possible by bending the space such that we can travel from one galaxy to other within short span of time giving an appearance that we traveled faster than light.

According to Lewis, to make it possible we need to build a warp drive that will be made of elements with ‘negative density energy’. Scientists believe that such elements are present in the universe. However, they haven’t located such materials on Earth. To make the warp drive spaceship, first challenge before scientists is to locate and collect elements with negative density energy.

Lewis further added that empty space in the universe has a negative energy density and we can mine it and shape it according to our needs. But what worries Lewis is that even if we could mine such elements to build the warp, still there isn’t any guarantee that it will work and the drive will travel faster than light.

But on papers, i.e. theoretically, researchers can bend space on the basis of Einstien’s equation and found that we can travel at different speed at different places in the universe.

This is the proposed NASA design for a warp speed ship (Picture: Mark Rademaker/NASA)
This is the proposed NASA design for a warp drive (Picture: Mark Rademaker/NASA)

If reports are to be believed, NASA is already working on such project where researchers are designing a warp drive spaceship. While explaining, a scientist said that the spaceship would produce warp bubble around it with the help of two gigantic rings to travel between galaxies through space. The spaceship will not travel at a speed faster than light but would warp space and will reach its destination before light giving an appearance that the drive traveled at a speed faster than light.

NASA’s Dr. Harold White along with Mark Rademaker revealed the design of the future warp drive spaceship. However, it might take another 100 or 1000 more years to make any such functional warp drive. Who knows that fantasy Star Trek might become reality one day.

Moreover, Geraint Lewis completed his graduation in Physics and Astronomy from the University of London in 1990. He further completed his PhD from the University of Cambridge’s Institute of Astronomy. Currently, he is working as a post-doctoral researcher.

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  • Rahul

    Lewis stated that we can cross the speed of light and an object can travel faster than light while still following the Albert Einstien’s “General Theory of Relativity”
    Good luck with that, as far as I know, nothing can travel faster than light actually (relative velocity aside). So it will be possible to reach a distant star without getting old, but still the special spaceship (which took you to distant star), will not travel faster than light.

    • nik

      warp drive do not travel faster than light, infact nothing can. however it does it by distorting space. consider you can shrink space then if you shrink 1 km into 1 m and jump from one end to another then recoil it back to 1 km, you have achieved more distance with less speed. we know that gravity distorts space time. Something is theoretically possible does not mean we can make it, it wont be possible in the near future coz the energy requirements exceeds what is available on earth, may be in the far far future.