Rare Galaxy

Recently astronomers have discovered a rare galaxy. It is 359 million light years old. And this rare galaxy was shocking to the eyes of the astronomers.

This rare galaxy is named rather unimposing. It is named as the PGC 1000714. It is not at all a bit similar with any galaxy that we have studied about earlier. As an alternative, it is more commonly known type with its massively wide spiral arms. It is rather termed as a rare galaxy. And often it is referred to as a ring galaxy. All the ring galaxies discovered so far in the history of space science contain a ring around it with a bright, central core.

But this newly discovered ring galaxy has two rings. Researchers have established that this second faintly visible ring can be a new feature for rare galaxies. It was discovered while studying PGC 1000714. The outer ring of the galaxy is presently 0.13 billion years old. It also has a 5.5 billion-year-old central core. But after examining all the data collected so far, astronomers have found another faintly visible red ring around the centre. This can be the second ring to the galaxy.

Rings that are found around galaxies are supposed to be regions where stars are formed due to the collision of gases. However, in the case of this new rare galaxy, the different colours of the ring suggest that the stars are formed at different times of the universe. I was also observed that a nearly perfect ring of extremely hot, blue stars pinwheels around the yellow nucleus of an abnormal galaxy, often known as Hoag’s Object.

The most eminent type of ring galaxy is the Hoag’s Object, which lies 600 million light-years from Earth. With the discovery of this new rare galaxy, astronomers are searching for new edges of galaxies and its features.

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