In an astonishing video, U.S. space agency NASA has revealed the ‘dark side’ of the moon with utmost clarity for the first time. No video has been made, or photo has been clicked of the other side of the moon with this clarity.  The video depicts a time lapse telescopic view taken from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) which was launched in 2009 and has been mapping moon since then.

The far side of the moon is similar to the side that faces the earth except it doesn’t boast dark spots called Maria instead it has craters.

The video draws an imaginary line on the moon, the part that can be seen from the earth. Since the shuttle was focused on the moon, Earth seems to dance around the moon in the video. Apart from this, using wide angle lens made distant earth look smaller against moon.

Since the moon has the revolution period around the earth and rotation period around its axis same with 28 days, we from earth can only see one side of the moon. Another face called as ‘Dark side’ of the moon was not seen with this clarity till date.

Earlier in 1959, some low-resolution images were taken by Soviet Luna 3 probe.

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