NASA records mysterious infrasound 36km above earth, suggesting alien life

In a new finding, NASA student balloon project has captured a mysterious infrarsounds. The infrared microphone planted on the balloon capture unexplained sounds like hisses and whistles, 36 km above the earth’s surface. Such kind of voices have been recorded for the first time in past five decades and what’s more interesting about the sound is that scientists believe that this could be sound of an alien life.

Daniel Bowman, a student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, who captured the sound waves at below 20 hz (human ear can’t hear sound waves below 20 hz) said, “It sounds kind of like The X-Files.” Bowman was able to hear the infrasound by speeding up the recordings.

Such an infrasound can be caused by natural phenomenon including dust storms, earthquake or by gravity waves. While some theories came up suggesting that winds crossing the microphone installed on the balloon, air turbulence or cable attached with balloon itself could have caused that sound. However, scientists still don’t know what exactly caused that mystical sound.

To record the sound Bowman sent a helium balloon with microphone installed, above New Mexico and Arizona in August as a part of the High Altitude Student Platform (HASP) Study. The balloon filled with second most lightest gas reached a height of more than 37 kilometers above earth’s surface and floated for nearly 725 km in stratosphere.

Bowman said that infrasounds can travel a longer distance thus can be captured easily by a microphone located at far off distance from the sound source. Now to confirm the actual sound originator, NASA is planning to send another payload into the stratosphere that will record more such mysterious sounds.

“There haven’t been acoustic recordings in the stratosphere for 50 years,” Bowman said. “Surely, if we place instruments up there, we will find things we haven’t seen before,” he said.

Scientists are optimistic that these unnatural sounds have been originated from an alien source and more research in future will confirm it.

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