Mars Rover

NASA’s Mars Rover that was launched 13 years ago, on Jan 3rd, is celebrating its 13th year anniversary this year. NASA’s space agency began its Mars exploration with the launch of Mars Rover, 13 years ago. This spacecraft is a six-wheeled robot which initiated Mars Exploration Rover.

Recently NASA reported that they launched Mars Rover on Mars, 13 years ago from now, on Jan 3rs, 2004. Two days later, its twin named opportunity landed on Mars. Mars Rover Robots were launched on the Red Planet Mars to find out water properties on Mars. The robots were launched to find new terrestrial live and water properties on Mars. The project was planned to continue for three months. However, the robots functioned well and the till now they are roaming around on Mars to find new information.

Scientists of Mars Rover project reported that initially on 2009, Spirit got stuck into the soft Martian sands and no trace of its existence was found. It was not able to reshape its solar panels to track the sun and eventually froze to death. A year later, it communicated with the launch centre. But it was finally declared death after completely 7.73 kilometres on its odometer.

Scientists disclosed that Spirit was a very capable robot and it is responsible for many discoveries on Mars. Spirit was first to discover rocks surrounding Gusev Crater. These rocks were ballistic in nature and are suspected to find water and volcanic forces.

Silica is most suspected to be found on Mars, which is known to react with hot water on Earth. This suggested that the area might have been wet and warm during some point of its history. Spirit has definitely opened new dimensions for NASA’s Mars research. It successfully found out a lot of suspects that could find life on Mars.

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