Do you know how India looks from space? NASA astronaut reveals stunning images

Have you ever wondered how India looks from the space? NASA astronaut Terry W. Virts has taken some breathtaking and stunning images and videos of India from the space.

Virts is the commander for Expedition 43 and has been in space since past December. Last week he was flying over India and took some stunning images which he posted on his twitter page. His images and videos includes the top view of cities like Delhi. Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore Hyderabad, coastal regions of India, moonlit sky, space view of river — Ganga and at last massive lightning storm to which Virts said as a magical performance that inspire and awe.

Below are the breathtaking images and videos taken by Virts.







Moreover, Terry Virts was born in December 1967, in Baltimore, Maryland, He went to U.S. Air Force Academy, 1989; M.A.S., Aeronautics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, 1997. He was selected as a pilot by NASA in July 2000. Since, December 2014 he has been in space as the commander for Expedition 43, which launched on a Russian Soyuz on December 2014. Virts is scheduled to return to Earth May 2015.

He tweeted some more incredible images. You can see them here.

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