JAXA scientists transmits electrical energy from space using microwave

In a major breakthrough Japanese scientists transmitted electrical energy through air using microwaves. Researchers were able to send 1.8 kilowatts of power from a distance of 55 metres (170 feets) with a pinpoint accuracy. The discovery  has opened the new gates as an alternative when the world is suffering from the acute shortage of energy, that will further worsen in the future as the resources become extinct.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), who made the discovery believes it to be a breakthrough that will make solar power generation in space a reality someday.

“This was the first time anyone has managed to send a high output of nearly two kilowatts of electric power via microwaves to a small target, using a delicate directivity control device,” said JAXA spokesperson.

Researchers used space-based solar collectors to capture solar energy in space and then transmitted it to earth in the form of microwave. This is a preliminary design; researchers want to take it to a grand level. JAXA researchers said they want develop an energy generation system that will revolve in geostationary orbits (in geostationary orbit an object remains at rest with respect to earth, it travels at very high speed to neutralise the speed of earth and remains at same position with respect to earth) and will convert the solar energy collected in space into electrical energy that will be transmitted to the earth.

However, production of electrical energy through this process isn’t cheap yet, and sending large solar collectors in geostationary orbits more than 36,000 kilometres above the earth is also a very precarious task. Thus, researchers said that they will not be able to implement the technology until 2040. Till then they will come out with more cheaper and better ways to implement the plan

Solar energy is already being used in space to juice up satellites, spacecrafts and the International Space Station, now engineers are taking a leap further to provide electricity to earth with pinpoint accuracy. Countries all around the globe are struggling hard to invent new ways of renewable energy and make it cheaper as within few years the non-renewable energy including coal and petrol will get extinct leaving us in dark if we don’t find an alternative. JAXA engineers have given new insight towards how solar energy could be used to fulfil our energy needs; other countries will surely step in and will come up with something better and beneficial to mankind.

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