ISRO developing cyclone-predicting satellite at 60 percent cost and one-third the time

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is constructing a satellite that will take one-third of a time to complete and it will be made at 60 percent of the actual cost. With this move, ISRO will achieve another remarkable feat in the field of space technology, research and development by saving cost and time as well.

According to reports, Indian Space Agency is making a cyclone-predicting satellite that is being built at the Space Applications Center (SAC) in Ahmedabad. If every goes according to the plan then we can expect the launch in July this year. Named as ScatSat-1, the cyclone-predicting satellite will replace OceanSat-2 that was launched back in 2009 and since then it had accurately predicted many cyclones including Hudhud and Phailin.

ScatSat-1 weighs 310 kg and nearly 40 percent parts of the satellite are spare parts of previous projects. Director of the SAC Tapan Misra explained that it takes nearly three years to build a satellite like SactSat-1 from the scratch. However, engineers used leftover spare parts from the previous projects and reduced the building time to the one-third.

Misra further added that after the retirement of OceanSat-2 in 2014, we receive most of the weather information from the INSAT-3D satellite. Now, ScatSat-1 will assist INSAT-3D in giving weather reports and predicting natural calamities, especially cyclones that are one of the biggest threat in South East Indian regions.

“It will measure wind vectors, including the direction and speed of wind over seas and oceans. This satellite has also been built to withstand multiple system failures, unlike the previous weather satellites that were designed for a single failure,” Misra added.

Moreover, ScatSat-1 will have a lifespan of five years. Meanwhile, ISRO scientists will develop more powerful OceanSat-3 which will replace ScatSat-1 after five years. Also, it was reported that apart from providing data to India, ScatSat-1 will also work for other nations as well.

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