While speaking at the IIT Bombay Techfest, ex-chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) K. Radhakrishnan said that engineers and scientists have invested eighteen hours a day to make Mangalyaan and Chandrayaan a success story and their effort in the field of space and science is commendable and role model for other space applications in the world.

Dr. Radhakrishnan further explained that ISRO team studied all 51 past journey to moon projects before sending Indian probe to the lunar surface. It is to be noticed that 60 percent of the mission to the moon have failed while India succeeded on their maiden attempt. Indian scientists learnt from mistakes made by other countries and space agencies.

He explained that making the satellite autonomous and ensuring that it takes right decision every time was one of the most difficult and necessary tasks to make the mission successful. In addition, probe experiences several variations on its journey to other celestial bodies, thus it should have enough endurance capacity to withstand those changes.

“The distance between national shame and national fame was very less.” Highlighting the criticism faced by India for the project, he said everyone kept asking why India should it take up the Rs. 450 crore project?

Entire world was in awe of ISRO after the Indian space agency became the first to send Mars Orbiter to the red planet in its maiden attempt. ISRO also won prestigious Space Pioneer Award 2015 for the Mangalyaan. MOM also featured in the Times magazine. The MOM brought pride and prestige to India and now foreign space agencies are looking forward to collaborate with India in their space mission. In addition, ISRO has now assisted in more than 50 foreign satellite launches. Thus, India has become role model in space application.

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  • Prematin

    Its amazing to see what all lies the ISRO is feeding us. If they had studied previous 51 missions to moon, why Chandrayaan failed due to poor thermal shielding problems. When they had the problem at that time, they raised the orbit from the initial 100 km to 200 km; the justification they had given at that time was, all the studies are completed at 100 km and they are going to learn new science from 200 km.

    Yes ISRO did good. But before everything ISRO throws at you, just research. ISRO may be big in India but there are players far bigger and experienced that ISRO (No I’m not taking about NASA. There are other countries too. Just search and try to learn something than believing everything they throws at you).

  • suru

    All Indians are proud of ISRO and all its associated agencies. Unfortunately the media both electronic and print don’t give importance as the MAIN news.Every achievement of ISRO has to be given top priority and made as a main news.The achievements of ISRO are commendable.
    Go ahead ISRO and all Indians are with you.

  • thirupa

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