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The new satellite imagery released on Thursday by NASA for the first time to show the vast growth of Indian cities in recent years in various fields.

Huge swaths of the Northern India, relatively dark in 2012 night shots, are lit up by huge new urban areas in imagery from 2016.

According to the Oxford Economics Global City Forecast, out of the 20 fastest-growing cities in the 2015-19 year period, fourteen of them are in India itself.

Surat, situated in the north-western Gujarat province of the country, is being expected to grow around 10% in a year until the year 2030, “making it the strongest growing city in our global database,” according to Oxford Economics.

According to one of the forecasts, which is most widely accepted in the world, 14th of the 20th fastest-growing cities in the period of 2015-2019 are in India.

Night shots released by the team NASA are a part of the “Earth at night” program which is run by the agency’s Goddard Space Flight Center, which aims to provide “the clearest yet composite view of the patterns of human settlement across our planet.”

“They have provided a broad, beautiful picture, showing how humans have shaped the planet and lit up the darkness. Produced every decade or so, such maps have spawned hundreds of pop-culture uses and dozens of economic, social science and environmental research projects,” NASA said in a statement.

They said in a statement that they can even monitor the gradual changes that are driven by urbanization, economic changes, out-migration, and electrification. The fact that they could keep a track all these different aspects which define a city is simply mind-boggling.

Besides, some algorithms have been developed in order to identify the images taken on the clearest nights which have the least moonlight. Some new remote sensing techniques have also filtered out extraneous light for getting the clearest image of where man-made light exists on the planet.

In future, scientists are in a hope that such proper nighttime imagery could be produced more frequently or maybe daily. This would allow power outages which are caused by severe weather to be more properly looked at. Maps can also be issued to the first responders in order to help them find out where the resources should be placed for restoring power as fast as possible.

Scott Kelly again tweets stunning image of South India taken from space

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly aboard ISS (International Space Station) had tweeted the image of Southern India captured from space. The astonishing pics were taken from his Nikon D4 digital camera using a 28-millimeter lens. The blue coloured image is a delight to watch and has mesmerised people not only from India but all around the globe.

The image went viral on the social media and has received thousands of retweets and favourites. Kelly captured the image when ISS was flying just above the India on Jan 3, 2016.

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