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On January 6, 2017, China successfully launched in telecommunication Technology test satellite. The satellite was launched from the Xichang satellite launch Centre, situated in the Southwest China province.

This telecommunication test satellite was launched at midnight with the help of a long March 3B carrier rocket. China has named to form a voice record of launching 30 new satellites this year. The new telecommunication test satellite is the first of its kind. China’s new aim is the ambitious space program.

This record-breaking number of space launch will be initiated with the launch of long March 5 and long March 7 rockets. According to China’s Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, long March 5 is the China’s largest carrier rocket.

A successful test run of the satellite was initiated in November 2016. Recently China released an official white people taking the final launch date of the communication test satellite. China will launch a lunar probe in 2018. This launched will be the world’s first soft landing launch on the furthest side of the Moon.

The next satellite that will be launched by China aims to test the multi-frequency high speed data transmission. China has already conducted an impressive amount of launch last year. The number stands to 21 successful launches. This year China has plans to launch 30 new satellites. China has already left behind the United States, in terms of the number of flights that it has conducted so far.

The long March3B rocket launch will be used to send telecommunication data to Earth. This satellite is a three-stage rocket with a strap of liquid rocket boosters. It is in fact the heaviest rocket line.

These liquid strap-on boosters formed thundering lights to begin a short vertical climb during its launch. A few seconds later the vehicle took off the ground and turned southeast to fly over the Pacific Ocean. Later it began to climb the geostationary transfer Orbit (GTO).


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