Atlas book on ISRO's Mangalyaan launched in Hindi to create awareness

Finally, the book on India’s ‘Mars Orbiter Mission’ (MOM) has arrived. Government launched the book on the occasion of the first meeting of reconstituted ‘Joint Hindi Salahkar Samiti’ of the department. What’s interesting about the atlas of MOM is that the entire book has been printed in the Hindi language. Hindi language was chosen to spread the awareness among countrymen about the advancement of space technology and India’s success, said a government official at the launch.

Indian has marked unprecedented achievements and landmarks in the field space and science in the last 18 months and PM Modi has actively supported the every step taken towards research and development, said, Jitendra Singh, Minister of State in PMO which looks after Department of Space and Department of Atomic Energy. India’s Mangalyaan mission was a great success as India is the is the only nation to send a probe on Mars in maiden attempt. Also, MOM won the prestigious Space Pioneer Award 2015.

While commenting on the Hindi language chosen for the atlas Singh said that mission was to create awareness among people of the country who can’t read English, especially about the Mars Orbiter Mission. This way the government can target and educate a larger pool of people.

In addition, the Hindi language will also motivate foreign partners of Indian scientists in learning and communicating in Hindi while working on the same project. After several successful space missions including, Chandrayaan, Mangalyaan and Astrosat, ISRO (Indian Space and Research Organisation) has gained worldwide popularity and several foreign space agencies are willing to work in partnership of the Indian Space Agency.

Singh further added that non-official members of ‘Hindi Salahkar Samiti’ will be working with space and atomic departments for day to day activity to promote the Hindi language so that the language gets gel up with their daily routine. This will also help in motivating our foreign partners in learning Hindi.

Moreover, ISRO chairmen AS Kiran Kumar and Sekhar Basu secretary, department of atomic energy and chairman, Atomic Energy Commission were present on the event.

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