Astronaut Scot Kelly tweeted photo of UFO from space? UFO Sightings Daily thinks so

Alien hunter UFO Sightings Daily that constantly posts about alien lives and UFO sightings claims a UFO to be present in the image of South India posted by US Astronaut Scott Kelly aboard ISS (International Space Station). Recently, Astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted an image of South India on his official twitter account. The image went viral and scored thousands of retweets and favourites.  According to UFO Sightings either Scott Kelly knows about the presence of UFO and wanted to give a hint to people on the Earth or he just missed it by chance. However, such a huge thing cannot escape eyes of an astronaut which suggests that the astronaut might be hiding the truth

UFO Sightings further went on to say that UFO constantly linger around the ISS and Kelly has had several encounters with UFO in the past. In addition, Kelly has known about the alien life since very long and now he has given a hint with the Indian image. One can see the two bright spots in the top right corner of the image which appears like a UFO. Moreover, the claim seems to be very authentic.

Youtube Sonofmabarker also uploaded a video titled ‘Astronaut Kelly tweets photo of UFO from ISS’ in which zoomed version of the image in slow motion is played and people can clearly see two bright spots. In addition, the narrator says that it is very hard to believe that an astronaut like Scot Kelly wouldn’t have noticed such bright spots in the image as he didn’t utter a word about it in the tweet which said “Day 233. Once upon a #star over Southern India. #GoodNight from @space_station! #YearInSpace.”

UFO Sightings further said that Kelly was once about to reveal the reality of the existence of aliens to the world without directly saying anything but somehow he didn’t.

Similar to previous times including when Gautam Buddha statue, goblin face and Drone was found on the Mars, NASA is still quite on the claim and haven’t uttered a word on the UFO yet.

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  • TheEye Sees

    I came across this here, that leaves us guessing !!

    More collection found here

    Maybe there are more awakened souls still living with us !!

  • Craig Vander Galien

    Here’s the part of the station imaged in Scott’s photo:

  • Tim Savisky

    “obviously some kind of structure”? “it’s kind of large….that’s obvious?” If you see some lights on an image, the only obvious thing is that you see lights on the image. There are many optical effects possible with lights. There is no structure obvious. Likewise, even it were an obvious structure, there would be no way to tell its size without some kind of reference.

  • Clark Westfield

    This is the most poorly written article I have ever seen. I have to wonder if English is not the primary language of the author. If so, someone should have proof read and corrected the numerous mistakes in grammar and syntax.

  • Adi

    stupid writer..I would fire him!