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One of the most popular browsers, Firefox has rolled out an update for its desktop and Android browsers. After updating the existing software users will be able to surf the Internet on the all new Firefox 47.

The update is available to download from Firefox website, while the app users will get a notification for the OTA update via Play store.

The Firefox 47 comes with a new ‘Synced Tabs Sidebar’ feature, which enables users to skim through open tabs on iOS, Android, and the Web simultaneously.

The synced tab feature is added to the desktop browser for Linux, OS X, and Windows, allowing the users to access the tabs that were remain opened during the session initiated from any other Android or iOS device if the user was signed in. The Synced Tab Sidebar on the left will collate all the tabs and show them in a list format.

Other than the synced tab feature, the Firefox 47 also comes with an improved video playback on YouTube on specific systems with powerful multiprocessors. The new version supports VP9 video codec, which enables the software to operate in less battery and bandwidth and delivering a higher quality video resolution.

While on the Android App, it allows users to hide the web fonts, which significantly slow down the loading of a web page and consumes greater bandwidth.

Previously, the Firefox announced its v46 update with security improvements and fixes. For Android users, it introduced better user notifications and clearer home screen shortcut icons.

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